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After a few tries to make a constantly up-to-date homepage, I surrenderd and created this small but somewhat timeless homepage. The old Homepage Deutsch is still available, but hopelessly out of date.

Home Page News

10/22/2003 2:40pm Debian member
Since yesterday night I am a official Debian member. Debian is my Linux distribution and the probably largest free software project.
9/6/2003 2:19pm udp-broadcast-relay
I created a small programm for Linux, that relays UDP broadcast packets between connected networks. If you don't understand that, you don't need it.
4/23/2003 12:23pm Stopping English News
Since the interest in English news here probably dropped since my return from the US, I will not update the news in English from now on. If you speek a bit of German, you can check out the German version.
9/18/2002 7:43pm Set up a guestbook
After days of toiling programming its done: My very own guestbook. I'm looking forward for your entries!
4/6/2002 6:44pm Built the Ballroom Dancing webpage
I just made the webpage for the WHS Ballroom Dancing Club. I also made the "Quick Link" bar above.
3/13/2002 11:26pm The picture book is now bilingual
I just translated the picture book pake. And I introduced this section. I don't know yet what I want to put in here (should "new pictures" go in here), but I will find that out too...

WHS Ballroom Dancing Club

The Club ceased to exist, but the Homepage is still up... I was trying to found a Ballroomdancing Club in Wenatchee High School, and since I am a nerd, I created a webpage Englisch for it. On it you can find informations about when the club meets and what dances we teach and so on.


For Linux boxes that act as a router for two or more networks, and have to forward UDP broadcast messages between them, e.g. for games, is this small program. Englisch

Picture Book

I got a digital camera for chrismas 2001. You find all pictures on http://www.joachim-breitner.de/bilder/, at least those I can show :-)


I wrote a smalle program for Windows with Delphi that shows the current song on the German radio station SWR3. It is only working thile my "server" is running. You can download Deutsch it here.

Summer Camp in France

This page hosts the Deutschsummer camp home page of the summer camp 2001 of the ejw Herrenberg.

Some Content

Now and then I get some mass mails with political, social or otherwise serious content. I do not forward mass mail, but I collect some here:

I got the first text from Kerstin K, and I think it is important enough that It may be here. I is about an anti-righty concert in a rightish village and what they experienced.
About rightish violence Deutsch

The other one has a view on the global difference between rich and poor. This text is from my aunt in the Pfalz.
"The world and us" Deutsch

While I was in the USA I made a speech about Free Software for a debate club tournament. I think this is an important topbic, so I uploaded the complete version Englisch as well as a shortened version Englisch. © by Joachim Breitner, but if you want to use the information, you can. I would appreciate if you would let me know how you used it.

Something About Me

date of birth: 27.3.1985
place of birth: Herrenberg, Southern Germany
school: Schickhardt-Gymnasium-Herrenberg
main hobbies: computer, ballroom dancing
special achievements: German Youth Champion in baseball 1999

Important Links:

my e-mail address: mail@joachim-breitner.de
my guestbook: www.joachim-breitner.de/guestbook
my debian page: people.debian.org/~nomeata/
my graduation class: 04.abi-sgh.de
my former Counter-Strike-clan, the "Netz-Zwerge": www.netz-zwerge.de Deutsch
my former baseball club, the "Herrenberg Wanderers" www.wanderers.de Deutsch
the website of the "Schuhaus Breitners" (made by me) www.schuh-breitner.de Deutsch
my school: www.sgh.hbg-edu.de Deutsch
the website of the ejw summer camp 2001 (made by me) www.joachim-breitner.de/frankreich2001 Deutsch
my friend Tobias Knauer's homepage home.arcor.de/tobiasknauer Deutsch
The homepage of the "Summer Universty" programm by the University of Stuttgart www.uni-stuttgart.de/ia/summeruniversity


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